The Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board is committed to providing a clear and consistent process for media to cover adjudicative hearing proceedings. These guidelines were established to provide direction on how the Board will interact with the media and how members of the media can participate at Board hearings. The aim is to create understanding between media, the public, parties to a hearing, and the Board about how media may participate at hearings.

These guidelines are relevant for:

  • Members of the media who want to cover an adjudicative hearing held by the Board
  • Board members and Board staff who handle media requests about Board related activities


All media requests related to Board activities, including hearings, should be directed to the Clerk. As members of a quasi-judicial administrative body, Board members and the Chair will not be available for public comment on their work on the board.


As part of the public notification process, the Board will publish a notice of hearing on this website 60 days in advance of a scheduled public hearing.  The Board may issue a reminder note to editors in advance of a hearing.


Reporters and bloggers attending a hearing will be asked as a courtesy to identify the organization they represent.

While adjudicative hearings are in progress, recordings – audio, video or photos – are not permitted by the public, media or social media. General background photos/videos are permissible when hearing sessions are not in progress.  The public, media and social media are reminded not to record sidebar conversations, private conversations between the Board members, or conversations between parties and their counsel or agent.

With the permission of hearing participants, interviews will be accommodated: in the hearing room when the hearing is not in session (either before the hearing has commenced or after the hearing has concluded); outside the hearing room in a manner that will not interfere with the in-session hearing.


Within 30 days of a hearing, the Board will issue a decision, including reasoning, and post on their public web site.


For media enquiries, please contact us.